An homage to P.G. Wodehouse, Mr. Prissy Boots is a romantic comedy. It has a castle, chickens, and a vindictive aunt.
Gwendolyn Cuthbert is a middle-aged psychotherapist with bad hips and a history of failed marriages. She’s received a dubiously generous bequest on the condition that she takes unusual and unreasonable care of an obese cat who hoots.

Thankfully, she’s not alone. She has beavers on her side, and a knight.

On the downside, the knight doesn’t want to be a knight. He’s too busy trying to burn down his castle.

​An adult version of the 'happily ever after' stories you enjoyed as a child, Mr. Prissy Boots will make you smile.

Mr. Prissy Boots costs $12.50 plus shipping and taxes.​​​​


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A bit more about Mr. Prissy Boots:

I’ve always thought that the best books started out with ‘Once upon a time’. Mr. Prissy Boots does not start out that way, but it has that kind of feel to it.

A friend of mine said reading it was like reading an adult fairy tale; it reminded her of stories she read as a child where things actually get better for the characters as the story progresses, and it all works out for them in the end. She said we sadly let those types of stories go as we get older because life’s harsh realities teach us that things tend to get worse, not better.

She might be right, but wouldn’t it be nice to take a break from reality, go back in time, and allow ourselves the pleasure of becoming attached to characters that get to live ‘happily ever after’? Mr. Prissy Boots will do that for you; it’s a sweet, quirky, funny, hopeful story that’ll allow you to be a kid again.

We need a story like that these days.