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Women, are you tired of trying to get your man to read a self-help book?

Men, are you fed up with having to read boring crap that puts you to sleep without even getting sex first?

Your problems are solved! Selfishness Matters is the only book you will ever need to read that will fix your relationships, and get you more and better sex (with someone other than yourself), all without you having to change! Find out how to win at marriage counseling. Discover the secret of magical thinking and make the universe love you. Build your defense mechanisms and learn how to use them to beat other people down.

Theo channels the mysterious “Big Fill” and provides straightforward and easy solutions to life's complex challenges by taking personal responsibility out of your hands, and dumping it into the laps of people who haven't read this book. If you’re going to be selfish, do it right!

Selfishness Matters costs $12.50 plus shipping and taxes. 



A bit more about Selfishness Matters:

I had a lot of fun writing this book, partly because it's the funniest book ever written, but also because the process of writing it was healing in a cathartic way. Don't you ever get tired of how crappy people can be to each other? And they're supposed to become better people by loving themselves more? Yeah, I get that it's important to love oneself, but it strikes me that people are often better at that than loving others. I think many people need to read other-help books more than they need to read self-help books. Let's face it, the planet isn't in the state it is because people are so great at loving others.

So, Selfishness Matters is a fun parody of other, more famous, books, but it also has an important message. You'll enjoy the laughs, and it'll make a great gift for someone in your life who might be self-focused, and who takes him or herself too seriously. Watch me interviewed about the book:

Have fun with this one.