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"Inside every pearl is a secret. Inside every pearl is pain.” With that intriguing beginning, Theo takes you on a compassionate, yet firm and clear program of recovery from loss and shame. The goals: An end to the sexualization of abuse, and the complete reclamation of your life.

Read this book if you have been violated or if you want to know how to support someone who has been abused. With a tough yet sensitive approach, Theo will guide you to the heart of your pain, help eradicate it, and leave beauty, strength, and love in its place.

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A bit more about The Heart of the Pearl:

I wrote this book because there are so many myths and untruths about people who have been abused. For example, I don't believe abuse is sexual, and I don't think we should refer to it as if it is. I think it should be called what it is: molestation, rape, assault etc. People who have been abused in this way often feel unwarranted guilt and shame over what was done to them, partly because they have had abuse and sexuality conflated in their minds. I think separating one's sexual experience from the abuse he or she has encountered is an important part of healing.

I also know from my work with my clients that it is simply NOT true that they 'will never recover,' or that 'they will be damaged for the rest of their lives'. Complete healing is possible and this book will show you exactly how to do that. You (or your partner, child, friend, family member) can be free from the impacts of abuse. The Heart of the Pearl is not an easy book to read, but it comes complete with specific instructions on what you or your loved one can do in order to heal. Watch me interviewed about the book: ​